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Playing Cards
  • Playing Cards

    AerialYogaPlay-ing Cards




    This unique 54 card deck of poses, inspiration, and information for the Aerial Yoga Play program consists of 4 different suits and 2 “jokers.”  Each suit of the deck has 13 playing cards related to the topic of choice.  Half the deck is dedicated to poses for the Therapeutic/Restorative practice (CLUBS & HEARTS), and the other two sections are dedicated to Inversions/Dynamic movements (DIAMONDS & STARS).  Each deck comes wrapped in a clear carrying case.


    HEARTS are 13 cards for backbends and heart-opening poses.

    CLUBS are 13 cards for back, legs, and hips.

    DIAMONDS are 13 cards dedicated to inversions.

    STARS are 13 cards for dynamic and more advanced movements.

    The “playing” cards are designed to pair well with the new AYRx manual which is available for fuller descriptions and details on variations/alignment principles.




    Each individual card is also stand-alone business card with personal contact information for Jen Healy, Founder of AerialYogaPlay (AYP) & AerialYogaRx (AYRx).  Please ask us for one when next time we see each other!!


    All sales are final, non-refundable, non-transferable.

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