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Swing Super Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Just for the month of March, I've been selling swings at WHOLESALE PRICE. They are super discounted ($100 off) for another 2 days. I hope this helps you get your practice going at home, or get a 2nd swing to share with others!

NOW is the time to get your swing on! If you are stuck at home and missing the gym or simply want a great home workout that is also fun-fitness that feels good, then these swings are for you:) The AYRx Yoga Swing system combines the benefits of flexibility, strength, and balance found in traditional yoga with the unique conditioning of suspension Therapeutix. Our AYRx Yoga Swings are specially made to be supportive, stretchy, and comfortable. They support your body in your yoga practice and increase your ability to enter into challenging poses, like backbends and inversions, with more safety and ease.

All swings are wholesale price!! **Sale ends March 31st** Get $100 OFF your swing purchase here: PURCHASE HERE

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